Project to Stockholm furniture fair 2012


Brief: Design a visionary piece of furni- ture/interior/tool for growing plants in living areas and nearby indoor en- vironments. The product will relate to your vision and work to cultivate in or interact with vegetation or

en- courage any kind of action that pro- motes plant growth in indoor space.


My catalog text:

We take what we want from our na- ture and poison our environment, de- spite that we get invaluable positive qualities from our unselfish plants. I have tried to find a new, closer, growth place for our plant friends to make the sensual impression and positive qualities even stronger. I wanted to design the chair so that you can take part of the plants whether you use it or not, as well as give the plants the op- portunity to take a bigger, more original, part in our everyday life.

Material: wood, metal & plants



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