“Case no 1”

Exposed at Röhsska museum 2012


Brief:From Röhsska museums exhibited collections of applied art and design, you will choose an object to research and interprete. You can conduct yourself very freely to the object, you don’t need to translate into how you think it would look or work today, but above all to get involved in a pro- cess that challenges and develops your approach to design and crafts.


My catalog text: In today’s society fashion and design controls of short, intense trends. This in its turn leads to increased consumption, a higher resource consumption and more waste. I’m part of that society but I’ve worked my way backwards in time, to a time before industri- alization, a time when we made objects that we needed and with the idée that they could be worn by generations to come. With an appearance from that time I try to strengthen this ides to our society.


Materials: wood, leather cord & kurbits paint



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